VIST: integrated plate-binding systems

The integrated plate-binding systems are mechanisms developed and patented by VIST that allow the binding to be attached to the ski in a simple and quick manner without the use of traditional mounting tools, such as screwdrivers or drills. Besides an extraordinary functionality, these systems allow an individual adjustment (not synch) of the toe and heel. Thanks to the BPA (Balance Point Adjustment), it is possible to adapt the ski (by moving the binding position forward or backward) according to different situations and types of tracks, in order to always obtain maximum comfort and the best performance, even in between slopes.

VIST systems only use plates in combination with VIST bindings. The skier can choose between four different types of systems: SpeedLock, QuickLock, Speedcom and Speedspacer.

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  • BPA - Balance Point Adjustment

    To customize the mounting point

    It is possible to quickly personalize the binding’s mounting point on the plate according to the individual’s need (speed, race, powder, freeride) in order to find the best position for skiing at maximum level.

    Forwards Setup: allows precise and enjoyable skiing with less expenditure of forces
    Backwards Setup: stabilizes the ski, and even allows use at high speeds (freeride)

  • BSA - Boot Sole Adjustment

    For adapting the system to every boot size

    It is possible to quickly and practically modify the binding, in order to adapt it to different boot sizes (from 260 mm to 360 mm), thanks to the latching mechanisms.

  • APT - Advanced Pin Technology

    For greater stability

    The bindings with SpeedLock technology, as a basis, feature steel PIN, which substitute traditional screws and allow quick anchoring to the binding without the use of a screwdriver.

  • TLC - Twin lever control

    For fastening or unfastening

    It is a system composed of two levers; the first to close and open the mechanism and the other to keep it firmly closed, preenting accidental opening. This technology, furthermore, can also be used as an “antitheft” mechanism, in fact, it is sufficient enough to unfasten the toe cap from the skis to quietly enjoy a hot chocolate in the lodge.

  • STEP C - Step Concept

    For more convenient skiing

    With a simple lift of the toe, it is possible to modify the trim on the skis, drawing many advantages. Thanks to this device, the plate transmits the load and pressure of the athlete on the ski more quickly, facilitating the first phase of a curve. The Step Concept system allows more natural, more convenient and more relaxed skiing with much less energy expenditure.

  • Rail

    Slide quickly and easily

    The toe and the heel can be slid and fixed in to the most ideal position with the rail system.  This system is intended for QuickLock, patent-protected and is distinguished by its lightness and the ability to adjust the binding’0s position in little to no time.

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