VIST bindings: functionality and safety

As far as safety is concerned, the binding is the most important accessory of a skier’s equipment.

VIST’s bindings comply with national and international standards (DIN/ISO 9465, DIN/ISO 9462) and are certified by independent certification bodies. The combination of quality materials and the construction guarantees very high functionality, while the accurate assembly by hand ensures maximum quality during competitive and non-competitive performances.

VIST’s bindings can be customized: thanks to the PINs of the SpeedLock system and interchangeable components, such as toe cover, heel cover, skistopper and AFD/DIR (FREE system), in a wide variety of colors and shapes, one can create the most suitable combination according to taste and needs, to match in color with the rest of the equipment.

A summary of innovation, functionality, safety, performance and comfort at the maximum levels: the latest models combine incredible lightweight features and easy handling with quick assembly and adjustment. In addition to all this, great attention to details and an exclusive design for a unique and unmistakable look.

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  • APT - Advanced Pin Technology

    Quick assembly

    Anchor a binding to the plate quickly by means of special pins (without the use of screws).

  • IMC - Innovative Modular Construction

    Personalized look and performance

    Interchangeability of certain components of the binding allows the skier the possibility to personalize their binding based on their individual taste and needs.

Toe technology

  • X-KEY Joint - Pro athlete / Performance

    3 metal pivot joints, sensitive to every movement

    X-KEY Joint is the exclusive toe clamp system via three metal pivot joints, which, as documented by TÜV, are sensitive to every movement and guarantee immediate release for all kinds of falls. The applied materials ensure correspondence to DIN standards for greater durability.

  • TSC - Twin Spring Control

    A second spring for security and performance

    TSC Technology assures maximum security in every direction during boot release, simultaneously guaranteeing an elevated grade of precision and performance. The second/omega spring guarantees gradual control of vertical movement, cushioning impact in the event of a backwards fall.

  • ASA - Auto Sole Adjustment

    Always at the right height

    A spring positioned behind the binding permits it’s automatic adaptation to height of the boot’s sole, ensuring constant contact.

  • 4 RSS - 4 Roller Safety System

    Reduced friction

    Between the binding and the boot, the lateral friction is reduced to a minimum thanks to the intelligent use of 2+2 mini rollers.

  • VB - Vertical Block

    Perfect vertical stability

    Thanks to the use of rubber inserts, VIST bindings guarantee an optimal vertical retention, which is particularly necessary for athletes and competitive skiers.

  • AFD - Anti Friction Device

    Transmission without friction

    In VIST bindings, force transmission is optimized thanks to a larger contact surface for the toe of the boot via an interchangeable Teflon insert. The use of Teflon also guarantees minimum resistance and maximum security during release.

  • SP X-KEY JOINT - Sport Performance

    2 metal pivot joints sensitive to every movement

    X-KEY Joint is an exclusive toe clamp system, which by means of two metal pivot joints, is sensitive to every movement, guaranteeing immediate release for all kinds of falls.

  • DIR - Dynamic Intelligent Release

    Antifriction system or intelligent release

    An innovative technology: in situations of falling or twisting, knees and limbs suffer less pressure and are consequently more secure.

Heel Technology

  • SSI - Solid Step In

    Secure binding

    Reliable detection of entry into the binding thanks to one clear sound (click).

  • Monocam

    One-piece heel lever made of plastic material. With a fairly good grip, it ensures good performance for basic bindings up to a maximum of 10 DIN.
    Allows a safe grip of the boot even with a snow depth of up to 4-5 mm.

  • Twincam

    Two-piece heel lever made of steel, ensuring high stability and locking of the boot. Excellent grip and performance for bindings with adjustments up to 12 DIN.
    Allows a safe grip of the boot even with a snow depth of up to 5-6 mm.

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