• Made in Italy VIST

    VIST is an Italian brand which is the result of a strong belief that manufacturing a product in Italy is a fundamental choice to achieve a result of maximum quality. This is the reason why the majority of our products is made with Italian raw material and assembled in Italian production sites. Plates and bindings are produced in our factories, and the apparel mostly in those of Italian partners.

  • VIST performance and technology

    For the bindings and plates we select prime quality materials and high performing technical components, and perform the perfect assembly with technologically advanced construction systems. Strict in-house controls and TÜV certifications guarantee a safe product and high performance on track. For the apparel, we always choose the best raw materials and technical and performing fabrics, to obtain garments with the perfect mix of comfort and functionality.

  • VIST: ongoing research and innovation

    In developing and manufacturing its products, VIST stands out for the constant pursuit of innovative, technological and design solutions. The use of noble materials and their perfect combination create products which are increasingly hi-tech, to offer clients a technical and aesthetical experience at the maximum levels.

  • VIST’s Italian design

    Functionality and aesthetics have always gone hand in hand for VIST: for the equipment, utmost attention is paid to the combination of materials and colors, graphics and special treatments such as varnishing and chrome-plating; for the garments the abundant use of white is often offered plain but also used as a color contrast. The result is a 100% Italian emotion for demanding outfits that never go unnoticed on the tracks.

  • VIST and attention to details

    Seams, applications and embellishments, the choice of materials, the assembly of the components, the preparation of the skis, the packaging: in everything we do there is not one detail that is left to chance. It is our way of translating the passion, commitment and care that we put in our work into a product of maximum quality.

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